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Highland Commerce Guild

All About The HCG

  • Enhance and improve business development in The Highlands.
  • Assist in business and community problem solving.
  • Aid in the continued effort to keep The Highlands a beautiful place to work, shop and live.
  • Work with government and local law enforcement to insure safety  for businesses and the community.
  • Eliminate vandalism and litter.
  • Aid in local area churches, schools, and neighborhood needs.
  • Collaborate with local event organizers.
  • Organize Bardstown Road Aglow.
  • Graffiti Abatement Program: Report Graffiti to graffitibuster@gmail.com
  • Represent Highlands Businesses to Louisville Metro Government.
  • Special Business Events with Guest Speakers from Federal and Local Government.
  • Sponsorship of art contests including outdoor murals to enhance the area.
  • Sponsor Pedestrian Safety Banners hanging on the corridor.
  • Sponsor Wheel and Feet Share the Street.